REMOVABLE VENEERS A Beautiful Snap-On Smile


A Beautiful Snap-On Smile

We make beautiful, bespoke snap on smiles for you.

  • Veneers are the perfect way to camouflage discolored, stained or imperfect teeth.
  • Each set are made individually, based on the unique dimensions of each tooth.
  • We can match them with the color of your own teeth or make them whiter if you prefer a brighter smile.
  • Because our veneers are customized, they can be used to cover any irregularities.

Plus, because they Snap-On, you can take them out at any time!



The veneer does not impinge on the gum tissue nor cover the palate, as its retention is completely tooth-borne.  Snap-On Smile is non-invasive and easily removable, making it completely reversible.


What is a Snap-On Smile made from?

The slightly flexible material used in the fabrication of the veneer allows it to expand over the teeth and hug them tightly so the patient can eat and speak without the appliance coming loose or shifting.


Are Snap-On Veneers right for me?

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, reversible, affordable approach to permanent restorative and cosmetic dentistry then you are an excellent candidate for Snap-On Smile.


They are excellent for:

  • Gaps between teeth, uneven, heavily discolored or missing teeth.
  • Those not suitable for bridges, implants, veneers.
  • Those not wishing to have partial dentures.


How long will my Snap-On Smile last?

Snap on Smile comes with a 12-month limited warranty against manufacturing defects. With proper care, they can last from 2 to 5 years.

How do I get my Snap-On Smile?

Simple, there are just 2 stages:
1. A consultation with one of our dentists where they take photos and impressions of your teeth, they might also recommend a cleaning or scaling procedure. You’ll also get to choose your preferred style & color.
2. At your second visit (around 7 days later) our dentist will fit your Snap-On Smile and make any minor adjustments needed.

Snap-On Smile just pops right in and snaps in place!


A Snap-On Smile requires no invasive or erosive tooth preparation, no bonding or fixture to oral tissue and tooth structures, and no injections. Made of durable yet flexible material, Snap-On Smiles do just that – they snap snugly over existing teeth for natural looking smiles.  Although, they are not recommended if you are in the process of having Invisalign® or braces.


Change your life in one beautiful SNAP!





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